miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2019

Musk donates $1 million to #TeamTrees ‘Treelon’

Here's a way to improve your tarnished reputation: Donate $1 million for a worthy cause. After a quick Twitter back and forth with MrBeast, a YouTuber known for making large donations to various causes, Elon Musk pledged to donate $1 million to #TeamTrees. The initiative aims to plant 20 million trees around the globe by Jan. 1, 2020, at a cost of a dollar per tree.

It appears that Musk followed through right away, as MrBeast later tweeted the Tesla CEO is now the number one donor for the project.

Musk subsequently changed his Twitter handle to Treelon and explained his name (Elon, not Treelon) "literally means tree" in Hebrew. (Wait, isn't Treelon "tree tree" then? Never mind.)

Treelon's donation comes a day after a court ruling that Musk has to go to trial in December over a defamation suit from Vernon Unsworth, a cave rescue diver whom Musk had referred to as "pedo guy," in a Twitter spat in July.

Source: mashable

viernes, 25 de octubre de 2019

The collision auto insurance coverage


When it comes to insurance services, there are plans and types that are more requested and known than others, depending on their function and main approach of covering. Definitely, one of the most relevant insurance services for people is the auto insurance, due to the actual fact that almost everyone drives a vehicle for transportation between places, being available many types and one of them being the collision auto insurance with specific coverage and features.

Collision auto insurance is one of the main types of auto insurance along with liability and comprehensive insurance, all of them approaching different ambits and aspects in the driving field and many of the circumstances that represent risks and possible injuries or damage. In fact, a few type of insurance services have to deal with dangerous situations as auto insurance, due to the open road and to be expose to other drivers and their vehicles´ conditions.

Details about the collision auto insurance

Specifically, collision auto insurance as its name says is the type of car insurance focused on collision management, and all the situations and conditions originated by those events or incidentals.
There are many circumstances that come from an accident when occurs, starting from injuries and direct damage to the health of people, as well as material damage in cars and related assets, along with all other concepts that must be addressed respecting law procedures to establish guiltiness and later compensation, mostly when reckless driving and other negligent circumstance are proven. Other conditions like machine failure must be also estimated on crashing incidentals.

In terms of coverage, collision auto insurance is designed to consider both parts in the insurance policy; the policyholder and the third party involved on collision events, with medical expenses and care in first instance, as well as the material damage produced in the incidental respecting machines and vehicles.

Usually, situations respecting car accidents and coverage triggers are described in the insurance policy and these are limited in collision protection. Therefore,  it is always recommended for people who want to hire the best insurance service to pay for an integral plan that include coverage regarding the car in non-collision situations, and to achieve this goal insurance companies designed mixed comprehensive, collision and liability plans.

Now, collision is one of the most relevant types of car insurance because it addresses the most frequent and likely event to happen on streets and roads; collisions and incidental crashes.

sábado, 19 de octubre de 2019

How to compare auto insurance services

Auto insurance services are of the most required by people around the world, even being a legal requisite for most countries and functioning as an instrument to anticipate loss, in order to cover our investment from damage and situations related with incidentals and accidents. For these reasons and many more, knowing how to compare auto insurance services and their possibilities is a necessity and required plan to hire and enjoy.

Now, to be able to compare and ultimately know which auto insurance service is better depending on specific needs, offered characteristics and other features we must know first which the auto insurance types available are. In this way, a comparison process can be carried out in first instance and help to decide better in relation to what we need for coverage and general protection.

Specific needs to compare auto insurance services

In order to compare auto insurance services we must know there are three main types; liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Of course, there are more types available such as classic vehicle insurance, truck insurance and many more but those have more of a specific approach and quite aimed public and criteria.


For us to pick the most suitable auto insurance sort knowing that in a general perspective collision, liability and comprehensive are available, it is very important to be aware of the particular needs might have in terms of coverage, budget, type of car and general interest in insurance. Depending on these characteristics a type of auto-related coverage is better or at least fit for the service to hire.

First, for those having interest on basic coverage with cheap monthly quotes liability is the most suitable option, requiring low budget and protection only for the other person involved in accidents respecting material loss and injures. This type of auto insurance is a legal requirement in most countries, but it is not recommendable to be backed up by it only. 

Secondly, for clients who are considering protecting their great investment when it comes to their own vehicle, along with liability benefits and having a greater budget to consider, the collision auto insurance is a viable option. This type of service may be considered a mid-range coverage and address medical care and related expenses for those willing to invest on a higher monthly fee.

Lastly, comprehensive insurance is the best choice for people who are interested in the ultimate type of coverage respecting car integrity, as well as a wide set of incidentals that are possible to happen on the road and outside of it. This is the most expensive auto insurance and offer particular benefits for those willing to invest what is necessary.

sábado, 5 de octubre de 2019

Knowing more about quick auto insurance


Auto insurance is a very important service and benefit most of the people invest in, in order to stay covered and have a financial backup when incidentals on the street occurs; from events related to crashes and accidents with different consequences, to the interest of protecting a great investments like an expensive car. There are plenty of auto insurance types available and one of them is the particular quick auto insurance service.

Most of us would relate in a very accurate way insurance services with extensive paperwork, since there is a quite set of clauses and items that must be checked in terms of inclusion, exclusions and annulments that are addressed in the insurance policy and that might be considered quite intimidating for most people, or at least time consuming. Well, quick auto insurance has been designed to avoid this particular situation.

The reason to be and concept for quick auto insurance

In order to avoid intimidating paperwork, auto insurance companies have designed quick auto insurance plans as a tool that is possible to carry out thanks to internet, where people and future clients are able to hire insurance services directly from official web portals and specialized sites, through cyberspace and by completing a related form where personal information and data of interest is entered for later use and rate calculation.

However, as the name says quick auto insurance is designed to be approached rapidly and in minutes, either in the form filling and also in the insurance processing and later approval. All of this is intended to be carried out completely online and not by attending any insurance office or franchise facility, since this along with intimating studying and paperwork is the thing that want to be avoided in the first place.

For this reason insurance clauses included in the insurance policy are addressed with a very straightforward procedure, in terms of related benefits and description of the insurance service, exclusive and inclusive circumstances, annulment events and many others.

In terms of fees and monthly quotes to pay, the calculation procedure is carried out directly online, respecting the type of coverage the clients requires, including benefits for liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, maximum amount, car model, driving records, tickets and more. In this way, a very accurate rate can be obtained in the form of a fee clients are able to pay. With quick auto insurance is possible for people to get insurance coverage easily and fast.

Auto insurance service and related costs


Insurance companies have a lot of insurance types and services to offer, regarding to the diverse kinds of properties, possessions and other virtual entities and events people have, such as life, houses, cars, jewelry and aspects related to unexpected events or accidents that need financial coverage, where auto insurance service is included with different costs.

In this way, these companies have the chance to design and offer service plans directly addressed to the clients, what they want to insure and all the benefits, and advantages insurance services have with the correspond differentiation from one to the other. As one of the main types of insurance there is the auto insurance; a service focused on vehicles with different fees and quotes that allow to protect cars and other driving machines from perils and different situations.

In the same order of ideas, the auto insurance is a part of the many types of insurance services existing worldwide, being the one that is specifically addressed to vehicles of any kind and all the expected events to happen on the streets, taking into account all the risks and hazards that are present in this territory almost permanently.

Things that affect auto insurance quotes

For people to be able to hire an auto insurance service and pay the corresponding auto insurance quotes, there is the need to study their needs in first place, this is because their necessities are extremely related to final payment, being influenced by the type of car people drive, their driving records, the top coverage in case of accidents and in general, how much they want to spend monthly and annually in the insurance service.

Therefore, in order to insure a vehicle the reasonable thing to do is picking a specific type of car insurance, being the collision, comprehensive and liability insurance the main choices. First, collision insurance is focused on matters of accident and medical care coverage; second, comprehensive insurance is addressed to the car itself and its physical structure; and third, the liability insurance, as a legal resource to cover other car in an incidental.

Thus, all of these types of car insurance affect directly the auto insurance quotes people have to pay to insurance companies, depending on the type selected, being the first two the most expensive, and liability the cheaper. Depending on the budget, it is always recommended to pick an integral type of auto insurance that include liability and collision or comprehensive insurance, in order to have better protection against risks and unexpected events.

miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019

Classic auto insurance as the chance to protect great investments


Auto insurance is the type of insurance that deals with all risks, situations and perils that vehicles and their owners face on the streets, as a way of protection and anticipation that allow insured to have financial and material compensation in case of accidents and different incidentals described on the insurance policy. Now, there are many types of vehicles with different characteristics that must be taken into account at the time of insuring, such as the classic auto insurance.

With classic car insurance people are able to protect great investments that have been done in the past, due to the high cost these vehicles may have at present time that could reach up to several thousands and even millions of dollars, depending on the classic model, year of release, general conditions and other qualities. Because of these reasons and plenty more, classic car insurance is a service plan that is required by many customers across the world.

What is exactly classic car insurance?

Specifically, classic auto insurance is a particular or special type of car service that is focused on the insuring of vehicles and models that are considered antiques or collectables objects, with a present high cost on the market that is quite relevant. So, from the insurance policy and characteristics, the purpose of this plan is to protect these unreplaceable car model against many situations and possible dangerous on the road, as well as exhibitions.

For example, it is possible for the car´s owner to hire different types of insurance or main protection auto plan, which are comprehensive and collision most of the time for ultimate coverage against accidents and different circumstances off the road like robbery, vandalism, damage produced by weather, bumps caused on collision and many other types of perils that are present outside.

Respecting classic car insurance, this especial protection plan for particular vehicles is related to the highest premiums of the segment, due to the high value of the insured cars and usually the impossibility to replace such autos in case of total loss, since these because of the limited amount and out of production status cannot be rebought or even found available on specific markets.

As the premium is high involving hundreds of dollars a month for comprehensive and ultimate coverage, compensation figures are outstanding in case of damage and totaled conditions, as well as the others described on the insurance policy that mean in a very high reimbursement because of the total value of the vehicle.

As you saw there are many ways to get your best car insurance, you have to be careful about what insurance you will choose, because there is not a average price for that, all depends on your car, how many kilometres, the year of release, the model, and the brand.

sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2019

Knowing about the online car insurance


Internet is an imperative piece of individuals' lives as a service that offer a lot of useful tools, as far as correspondence and communication, exchange and different potential outcomes. For instance, the internet changed the manner in which we purchase items on the web, as a reality that is additionally related and considered regarding vehicle insurance. There is the likelihood for future customers in a hurry to procure online auto insurances and their benefits. 

Along these lines, on account of internet as an instrument there is a top possibility for individuals to appreciate auto insurance and every one of the advantages it has regarding insurance arrangement, inclusions and the sky is the limit from there. Give us a chance to clarify in details how online auto insurance works, respecting purposes and why insurance companies are putting effort on their site pages on the internet to provide online-bases services.

Idea of online auto insurance protection

In definition, online car insurance is the tool for individuals to enlist an insurance service and move towards becoming customer of an insurance company, all through the web and the related site pages. Like this, a future customer has the chance to request insurance and protection for their vehicle utilizing the web by filling some data and requested information for the organization offering the insuring plan to use. 

Online auto insurance protection tries to imitate the service offered by a insurer specialist, where customers by entering legitimate data and finishing a structure can tell the insurance organizations the sort of coverage they need, with regards to inclusion, kind of car insurance to employ, possible premium, spending plan and budget, vehicle model and year of release, among other critical information.

After this information is entered the insurance plan is processed to offer inclusion and formalize the contracting procedure. The majority of this is insurance task is done from home or for all intents and purposes anyplace counting on internet connection and portable devices, without the need to go to physical workplaces. The most known insurance companies in various nations offer this online car insurance approach, at least as a start tool to attract more clients.

With online auto insurance coverage is conceivable to procure distinctive sorts of protection and with various advantages regarding the costumer's needs. In this way, it is possible to enjoy coverage for crashing, driving perils, bumps and more, even including conditions that are unlikely but are considered by the insured, if they are willing to pay the respecting premium increase.